• College of Education, Psychology and Human Studies
  • Paying Attention to Your Appearance Is Key to Good Communication with Others?
  • Professor ENDO Kenji
  • You may disagree if I say “Your appearance is everything.” However, other people can only infer what your inside character is like and make a judgement about you from your appearance. Appearance is, therefore, key to good communication with others and must be given sufficient attention.
    This column focuses on appearance, one of the forms of non-verbal communication. We examine how others react according to the change of appearance based on multiple data and explore appropriate appearance that helps you build better communication with others.
    (This column is as of 2015.)
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  • School of International Politics, Economics and Communication
  • How to Polish Your Communication Skills
  • Professor SUEDA Kiyoko
  • For the 10th consecutive year, communication skills have been ranked highest in the elements given priority in the screening of candidates for recruitment. As this indicates, communication skills have recently become the skills that are most required. But what should we do to improve our communication skills?
    This column digs into the essence of communication and discusses what true communication is.
    (This column is as of 2015.)
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  • College of Literature
  • From English as an exam subject to English as a tool
  • Professor ALLEN TAMAI Mitsue
  • What Japanese people need to do in future is to state their opinions with their own words. Against the backdrop of globalization, there are increasing calls to improve the English ability of Japanese people. This column considers, in addition to the meaning of learning English, what it is that is required of Japanese people in future.
    (This column is as of 2013.)
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  • School of Social Informatics
  • Thinking about better communication
  • Professor TAKAGI Kotaro
  • Improving interpersonal communication skills is one of the most talked about issues today. Wishing to help the related efforts, I suggest it is important to understand that interpersonal communication is basically an interaction between essentially separate, distinct individuals. Participants should try to be more aware of the inherent difficulty of establishing effective communication between individuals, all with distinct differences, rather than focusing only on the targeted function of forming a shared understanding about one another. Using this theory, I would like to discuss what it means to achieve desirable communication.
    (This column is as of 2012.)
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